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A new world of Internet – more Vr And 3D More Immersive On 5G Networks?

The Metaverse refers to a virtual environment that includes various Internet features and services such as communication, games, and business opportunities, all within an immersive virtual reality universe. A simulated digital environment that uses augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), blockchain, and social media concepts create spaces for rich user interaction that mimic the real world. 

Essentially, the Metaverse will be a bridge between the real world, a digital mirror image of the physical world, and the digital world created by human imagination. Over the next few years, Metaverse is expected to manifest primarily through virtual reality, an alternative digital world of the Internet that can serve various personal and business purposes. 

This new and next-generation Internet allows users to seamlessly integrate physical life with virtual life, creating immersive real-time experiences.

3D/VR/AR in Metaverse

The unprecedented growth of cutting-edge technologies in the gaming industry, enabling immersive gameplay, gives us an idea of ​​​​what the Metaverse will be like and indicates that we are closer than ever to a full-fledged virtual world experience. Virtual Reality (VR)-based wearables will transport people from the comfort of their homes to another virtual world. 

The Metaverse world would be primarily based on augmented reality (XR, including VR and AR) technology. Such technology will allow us to experience a more realistic version of the existing VR experience. VR technology will enable users to have a more natural and concrete experience in the virtual network world. On the other hand, AR technology can integrate the virtual world and reflect reality more closely.

Heralded as the Internet’s next frontier, the Metaverse is a vision of a permanent 3D virtual world. 

Using VR and AR headsets or smart glasses, one can experience Metaverse at its most realistic, touch and feel objects virtually, interact with other users of Metaverse in real-time, and communicate as we do in the real world.  

Augmented reality (VR, AR, and BCI) is becoming the computing platform for virtual worlds. Leading tech companies including Apple, Google, Meta Platforms (Facebook), Microsoft, Niantic, and Valve are developing technologies that will define the future of the Metaverse. In 2022, we will see opportunities for Metaverse take shape as companies roll out virtual content and services ranging from education to entertainment, medicine to fashion.

Next steps

Many companies are trying to create more meaningful experiences with their customers. It is also believed that the Metaverse will one day be able to support its metaverse digital economy built on blockchain technologies. Users will be able to create, buy and sell virtual goods. Metaverse will be a place where avatar-wearers will interact with other avatar-wearers in a virtual 3D space. Also, potentially the first place and opportunity for AI agents to finally be able to demonstrate almost human behavior without the physical limitations of creating a real humanoid robot in the real world.

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