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Marketing Manager – KAKL

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About the job

Position Summary

The Marketing Manager will work in partnership with Regional Marketing Manager and broader ME India Team to develop, manage, and execute yearly brand plans. They will ensure structured alignment to the brand’s global marketing standards, objectives, strategies and philosophies.

The Marketing Manager will integrate key brand platforms – Music, Action Sports, Gaming & Monster Girls into local initiatives in their geography of responsibility to leverage and build brand awareness for Monster Energy through diligent integrated marketing initiatives, sampling, and event activations.

This role will require close collaboration with regional marketing teams to align local Monster brand building initiatives with national and global best practices, and also to leverage larger scale marketing investments in developed markets. This role also requires collaboration with internal and external commercial/sales partners to ensure the adequate communication of marketing plans/activities, commercialization of marketing assets to support retail growth, and thorough integration of both business and marketing objectives.

Essential Job Functions

The Marketing Manager will play a key role in the creation and execution of all sampling and events for all brands. This also includes: management of the local marketing direction of the brands; support and management of brands’ marketing objectives, strategies and philosophies; creation, planning, execution, recapping and post-evaluation of marketing events and programs and integrate all the pillars, Music, Action Sports, Gaming & Monster Girls for Monster. Facilitate the integration of marketing into key sales initiatives to build brand awareness for the Monster Energy Portfolio.

This position will facilitate communication and execution with the MEI HQ marketing team and all respective Sales and Marketing local Teams, Distributors and Agencies to build Monster brands properly in all the markets. Close collaboration and alignment with local Marketing and Sales Managers will be crucial in this role to assure execution and Regional plans alignment and reporting.

  • Achieving quality results & service Ensures the work of the team is planned and organized to meet challenging deadlines and standards of excellence.
  • Thinking clearly, deeply and broadly Ability to develop clear strategic direction based on organizational needs. Management maintains the right to add or change the duties of this position at any time. Strong ability to prioritize those needs with medium-term planning and short-term tactical delivery.
  • Communicating information effectively Articulates vision and tactical plans in a compelling and persuasive way to ensure activities are aligned with the strategy Practicing innovation & change Uses creativity to overcome challenges and find improvements to ways of working
  • Building collaborative relationships Develops personal networks of effective internal and external relationships; cooperates well with other team members

Bring Monster Energy’s image to life by implementing Image Building strategies through (1) Consumer and Trade

Promotions (2) Digital leverage programs (3) Social Media Strategy (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc). (4) Budget

Control, (5) Activating Monster Energy Properties among relevant audiences (6) Relationship development (7) Sampling

and event activations inclusive of local MAT Team were warranted. All elements should be defined in a clear Annual

Marketing plans with defined budgets are prepared with the MEI HQ Team and Regional Marketing Manager.

  • Event Execution- Execute all events at all levels, including grassroots, for sports & culture that are relevant to Monster Energy brands & our key targeted consumers
  • Relationship Development- Entrench yourself & Monster Energy Portfolio in the local sport & culture scenes relevant to key targeted consumers. Develop & maintain relationships with opinion leaders in your market for the key image-building scenes in sport, music & culture. With a local network of opinion leaders, develop new ideas that bring the brand to life through local image building scenes in sport, music & culture
  • Innovation and Idea Development – Ideas are spawned on the ground at events during interaction with opinion leaders. These ideas will be retained and shared and tested for potential with the marketing Team.
  • Activate Monster Energy Properties- Activate & leverage global, national & regional events & properties that fit within the established local market business plan. Leverage local media merchandising opportunities.
  • Consumer and Trade Promotions – Work with regional directors and marketing managers to develop cost effective promotional platforms that drive trade wide executional scale, product trial, brand awareness and sales volumes.
  • Manage Local Agencies- Negotiate/plan events and sponsorships at all levels based on relevance to key marketing platforms and marketing budget versus clear ROI analysis.
  • Media and Communications – Drive PR and Digital Leverage Platforms to ensure all Event/Athlete spending are maximized through media and digital channels. This would include creating and managing all content in the region.
  • Branding-Ensure that all branding/ logo use is acceptable at least at all events and activations and is approved and under the direction of the Director of Marketing according to Monster Branding Guidelines.
  • Budget Control- Accountability and tight control of the Marketing budget based on an annual plan set in conjunction with marketing teams.
  • Event Sampling- Carry out large scale events based on product sampling operations
  • Promotional Items – Manage Promotional items inventory & logistics to maximize brands’ exposure to increase sales.

The ideal candidate will be a self-starter and possess the ability to maintain confidentiality and will have marketing experience.

Position Requirements

  • +3 years in Marketing with experience in FMCG brands [Agency or Brand].
  • Education Level: Bachelor’s Degree Required.
  • Strong knowledge of Athletes and Social Media.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Utilize Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel at a high competency level, MS Word, and Outlook
  • Strong knowledge of marketing desired
  • Position requires independent judgment and initiative, strong attention to detail, and the ability to anticipate needs and can accomplish tasks without direction
  • Ability to work in a team-oriented environment
  • Must have a clean driving record.
  • Ability to work long hours and consecutive days.
  • Maintain a Monster brand-oriented image.
  • Multi-cultural, with an understanding of the Monster positioning and lifestyle.
  • Some weekend work is required to execute key events.