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National Head – Rural – COE(JR00094994)

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About the job

Job Reference 

  • JR00094994

Job Summary

  • National Head – Rural – COE

Job Purpose 

“This position is open with Bajaj Finance ltd.” 1. The position is responsible for managing, driving and supporting the PMO function capabilities for RSL and RPR business 2. The position is also responsible for leading the 3-IN-1 design and implementation in all businesses of Rural Businesses viz. RCD, RPL, RSL, RGL 3. Driving and leading the Digital Business for RPL and RSL business and build a sustainable business brick

Job Duties & Key Responsibilities

  • Duties and Responsibilities – PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES (Accountabilities associated with the job) Strategic Leadership
  • To provide tech leadership to the function
  • Device external benchmarking to steer the function in the forefront of tech frontiers and solutionng PMO Leadership- Core Platforms
  • The role includes managing and coordinating with Business and IT to build capabilities on core systems (SFDC POS) to enable business growth for RPL business
  • Role also includes working on enabling the sales ecosystem and building capabilities to run the ensure frictionless process on ground
  • Role requires knowledge of following platforms- SFDC and Data structures. PMO Leadership- Data Structures and Campaign management
  • The role involves working closely with Data IT teams and BIU teams for building efficiencies in processes including offer orchestrations
  • Role also includes building capabilities outside the core systems to build Real time campaign orchestrations using technologies like Rapid LR
  • Role involves knowledge of Campaign science Dialer operations to work with Call center teams and drive efficiencies in campaign orchestration Risk Management
  • Coordinate with Risk functions to drive the drive and implement the Risk management programs and aligning capabilities on this. Driving Omni Channel Strategy
  • Working closely with 3IN1 PMO teams and IT teams to ensure smooth design and implementation of business journeys on 3in1 platforms
  • Ensuring optimum balance between business requirements risk requirements and customer experience to ensure frictionless journey design on platform
  • Working closely with Business and Respective business PMO teams to build a coherent strategy for 3-IN-1 Platforms and at the same time implementing the user journeys on 3-in-1 as per the business design and requirements
  • Coordinating with Central 3-in-1 PMO Marketing teams to do the designs on platform
  • Coordinating with IT teams to ensure successful project execution
  • Building test scenarios and horizontal capabilities design to ensure smooth journeys and high customer retention rate and business output on the platform
  • Lead the CUG testing for all business process journeys
  • Be a one stop shop for controllership of all user stories across the businesses to align the developments in line with Customer experience
  • Lead A/B testing on platform to drive the customer experience and enhance business output
  • Team Management and Coaching
  • Participate in selection process to identify the right talent for positions within the team
  • Determine individual training needs and development plans to build expertise and enhance skills in the team
  • Set objectives conduct reviews and close appraisal processes for the team as per timelines 4. MAJOR CHALLENGES (Challenges faced on an on-going basis in carrying out the job) The job is multifaceted with sound knowledge of Technology platforms Business processes Data Science Campaign science and
  • Duties and Responsibilities – 4. MAJOR CHALLENGES (Challenges faced on an on-going basis in carrying out the job) The job is multifaceted with sound knowledge of Technology platforms Business processes Data Science Campaign science and Risk management and hence requires an overall perspective of business and processes and requires dealing with multiple stakeholders
  • Job requires clear Multi tasker leaders who can drive different functions projects and responsibilities simultaneously.
  • Stakeholder management – to prioritize them for delivery
  • Time management
  • Dependency on end user on capability which we deliver
  • Awareness on upcoming technology / apps 5. DECISIONS (Key decisions taken by job holder at his/her end) Determine what interim changes and reprioritization need to be made to execution of the strategy Take a call on things to push back the Field in order to protect the company’s interests from a regulatory/ risk standpoint 6. INTERACTIONS (Key working relationships a job holder needs to have INSIDE and OUTSIDE the company to accomplish the job) Internal Clients Roles you need to interact with inside the organization to enable success in your day to day work Business Teams to drive business growth objectives Senior Management including GBH President & MD IT teams to drive the Project implementations Finance team to manage the Cost approvals and COA management Different PMO teams for smooth implementation of process journeys on 3in1 platform Data Science teams to build right analytical solutions and drive efficiencies in Campaigns External Clients Roles you need to interact with outside the organization to enable success in your day to day work 7. DIMENSIONS (Key numerical data which will reflect the scope and scale of activities concerning this job) Financial Dimensions (These should be quantifiable numerical amounts) NA Other Dimensions (Significant volume dimensions associated with the job) Total Team Size: 9

Required Qualifications And Experience

  • SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE (Minimum acceptable proficiency for this job which best indicates the education and/or experience requirements of this job and not the incumbent) Educational Qualifications a) Qualifications Qualifications : Post Graduation MBA – 8-10 + yrs
  • . b) Work Experience
  • 8-10 years of prior experience in relevant roles, preferably in financial services
  • The candidate should have experience in managing skill-based crack teams
  • Should have an innovative bent of mind
  • Must possess good communication and interpersonal skills