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Project Manager

Category: Product ID: 857


About the job

  • Ensuring project management quality
  • Following allocated budgets
  • Complying with specifications from the client (quota, schedule, etc.)
  • Managing recruiter teams and other service providers
  • Client satisfaction
  • Managing relations with recruiters
  • Reporting cases of non-compliance as well as client complaints to the Management and Quality Manager
  • In charge of purchases made for their projects
  • Ensuring efficient equipment logistics at central locations and during fieldwork
  • Maintaining a proper exchange of information between clients and service providers working on the study
  • Preparing the billing process and transferring required pieces to the accounts department
  • Protecting respondent’s privacy
  • Managing deliverables (quality control, storage, and delivery)
  • Reporting adverse events following the pharmaceutical manufacturer process
  • Ensuring a smooth communication with clients
  • Optimizing margins
  • Updating the project management IT tool
  • Ensure the connection with the accounts department
  • Keeping up-to-date records of temporary staff contracts
  • Managing relations with service providers