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Seller Engagement Manager

Category: Product ID: 860


About the job

This position would be based in UAE 


  1. Enhances Seller Partner relationships by developing and continually improving upon post-onboarding Seller Management Processes
  2. Enhance Seller Business Value wrt AOV(Average Order Value), number of SKUs transacted , order frequency, order turnaround time, % active sellers
  3. Monitor & drive Seller NPS
  4. Drive and execute initiatives that will result in highly engaged Seller Partners
  5. Work with the Regional Seller Management Team and internal stakeholders to streamline business processes, TATs and overall business hygiene
  6. Perform Market Research and create market intelligence reports wrt pricing & product sales trends
  7. Analyze and report weekly key seller issues to Management and recommend improvement programs to enhance User Experience for Seller Partners wrt dealing with Medikabazaar
  8. Acquire new Seller Partners for existing and new products